Instant, push-to-talk intercoms combine the benefits of phone calls with the brevity of instant messaging. Read or listen to the streams and respond back on your time.


Unlock audio with transcription, enabling compliance searches and call analytics. Our data includes quotes, trades, sentiment, speaker, summary, and keywords.

Extract Quotes & Trades

We extract quotes and trades from real-time audio streams. This data can be fed into trade ticket, reporting, or compliance systems.


Use our feature rich API/SDK to embed our voice platform into your own application. Unlock new workflows with our intercoms and transcription.

Cloud / On-premise

Use our public or private cloud solution, or deploy in your data center with our containerized on-premise solution.


Our accuracy is unrivaled. Our patented AI has the highest accuracy in the industry on financial language.


We focus on successful engagements with each of our clients. Here’s what some of them have to say:

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From our Press Room

Cutting through the Noise with Voice Commands

By Matthew Goldey on July 17, 2018

Voice assistants are everywhere, especially in people’s homes. We use Alexa, Siri, and Google Home to control our lights, answer trivia questions, and play music. Notably, sales of voice assistant devices have more than doubled in the last year.1 Beyond the home, more people are using voice commands on their phones. By 2020, nearly half of all internet searches are predicted to be voice driven.2 Why type when you can talk?

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How close are we to general AI?

By Tejas Shastry on June 22, 2018

Most AI researchers I know are addicted to Westworld. Here’s why: it’s a representation of how far technology could go, while staying within the realm of plausible reality. The seamless interaction between humans and AI portrayed by HBO is something myself and other AI researchers strive to achieve. When Logan Delos (a potential investor) meets a room full of Hosts (what Westworld calls robots) and doesn’t realize it until he’s told, his expression is one of amazement and wonder.

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GreenKey Scribe 'SwitchBoard' Patent

on June 6, 2018

(CHICAGO, June 6, 2018) – GreenKey Technologies, creator of an artificial intelligence (AI) and voice-driven collaboration tool for financial market participants, announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has accepted its application for improved speed and transcription accuracy of automatic speech transcription based on multiple speech-to-text engines. The speech recognition engine, GreenKey Scribe, can reduce transcription error rates by 50 percent using the approach documented in the new patent.

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Greenkey Scribe Switchboard

By Tejas Shastry on June 6, 2018

At GreenKey, our data science team is constantly focused on one question: How do we make a machine recognize speech as well as humans? Several companies have shown computers outperforming humans at speech recognition, but these tests are normally on specific types of audio and don’t involve noisy environments. The fact is speech recognition engines have a hard time understanding all speech as well as humans. Instead, many speech recognition engines are trained to perform well on specific content.

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