June Newsletter


June 15, 2020


Dear GreenKey Community,

Here is a quick look at what the team is up to.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission. 

Anthony Tassone
Founder & CEO

Register: How to Create a Digital Analyst with GreenKey and OpenFin

GreenKey’s CTO, Tom Schady, joins the OpenFin community to discuss how NLP can help identify what is most impactful within earnings calls. From key phrases to balance sheet metrics, GreenKey makes discovering insights and setting alerts as easy as search.

Hedge Funds Using GreenKey’s NLP to Process Earnings & Research

WEBINAR:  Are you struggling to generate new trade ideas? Watch a recording of our webinar.   

How Banks’ Sales & Trading Desks Convert Client Conversations into Increased Market Share

WEBINAR: Are you overwhelmed with Bloomberg chat, emails and phone calls on the trading desk? Watch our latest webinar.

Embedded Annotation Custom Label Documents and Calls with GreenKey

Earnings Call Analysis Model Released

Focus Studio now makes it easier than ever to tag and annotate your documents and calls. Simply highlight words and select a label to identify your own custom key phrases and their sentiment. GreenKey’s NLP models will learn from your tags to identify similar new information in the future. Check out our full release notes here.

Keeping the Ship Running

Cody Knauer, Software Engineering Manager, gives us insight into his role at GK and explains some of the challenges he encounters and how he overcomes them.