March Newsletter: Public Safety


March 12, 2020


Welcome to the first in our series of quarterly newsletters dedicated to empowering public safety professionals.

Did you know – police officers spend up to 39% of their time on tedious paperwork, distracting them from critical police work. gk uses natural language processing technology to save you time, increase your productivity and reduce administrative burden – find out how below!

Anthony Tassone
Founder & CEO

Using NLP to Support Emergency Services

GK’s Data Science team has developed our natural language processing models to understand key terminology spoken by police officers. Our NLP technology can be used to help power license plate lookups, fill out forms using voice and make better decisions using valuable data insights.

Sound of the Police

Anthony Tassone featured on the Voice Tech Podcast where he talked about how gk is helping police to fill out reports while driving using their voice – saving mission-critical time.

Company Culture

Ryan Romberg, Director of Public Safety Success, joined gk in January 2020 and shares his first impressions – “GreenKey was a perfect fit for me culturally. The emphasis on putting people first and building a team around a core set of values is apparent in the day to day.”

Folds of Honor

GK is proud to be a member of Folds of Honor, a charity that supports the families of fallen and disabled service-members by providing their spouses and children with military scholarships. We look forward to participating in fundraising initiatives throughout 2020.

Save the Date – September 16th NYC

 GreenKey will be hosting our very own NLP conference in New York!