November Newsletter – Financial Markets


November 23, 2020


Unlock Value Using Focus Studio for Research

VIDEO: Analyze massive amounts of research content in real-time using GreenKey’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform.

GreenKey Wins Award at Symphony Hackathon for Research Bot

DEMO: Your bot can leverage GreenKey Technologies’ NLP to assist Sales and Trading desks too. Watch our demo presented at Symphony Innovate 2020.

Build a Custom NLP Model in Minutes

Focus Studio’s newest release makes it easier than ever to analyze audio with GreenKey’s powerful NLP models. Analyze body cam audio for sentiment and de-escalation events or behavior across your trading desk, correct transcripts in-line, and tag entities off of your corrections. Focus Studio will automatically highlight words that may need correction.

GK Culture

Gagan Bindra is GK’s Senior Technical Account Manager, currently based in London. He’s built advanced software solutions for financial systems for years, and he’s been vital in bringing GK’s NLP products to the financial markets.