GreenKey for Financial Services

With GreenKey, save time and money by voice auto-populating forms, reading summaries of important calls, and searching conversations for compliance and analytics.

AI that Understands Finance

GreenKey accurately identifies quotes and trades from spoken conversations through our patented natural language processing technology. It automates workflows by summarizing conversations and highlighting key terms, key phrases, speaker identities, and sentiment.

GreenKey’s API allows for end-to-end customization of acoustic and language models. Teach our AI new words in a matter of minutes and new voices in a matter of hours.

Scribe Interpreters

Voice-Driven Form Population

GreenKey’s listens to audio streams in real-time to extract quote, trade, and order metadata from your phone calls. Audio captured is actionable: use it to populate trade tickets or develop nuanced archives for compliance purposes.

Call Dashboard

Read a summary instead of a listening to a call. GreenKey’s engine creates time-stamped, searchable, speaker separated transcripts and call summaries from voice streams.

Call Dashboard

Activity Stream

See individual and team-level voice and chat conversations instantly across a powerful interface with searching, sorting and alert capabilities.

Activity Stream

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