GreenKey Going Global

This month, GreenKey leadership participated in events in Chicago, New York, Orlando, Toronto and Zurich, focusing on promoting our open source partnership with FINOS, explaining our collaboration with Verint, and exploring new opportunities with emergency services. Meeting the Nation’s Police Chiefs Our founder, Anthony Tassone, attended IACP’s annual conference in Orlando to meet with chiefs of police and better understand the growing need police and fire departments have for voice technology.

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Greenkey Scribe Switchboard

At GreenKey, our data science team is constantly focused on one question: How do we make a machine recognize speech as well as humans? Several companies have shown computers outperforming humans at speech recognition, but these tests are normally on specific types of audio and don’t involve noisy environments. The fact is speech recognition engines have a hard time understanding all speech as well as humans. Instead, many speech recognition engines are trained to perform well on specific content.

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